Grateful and honored to have received these endorsements.

MOCO Tea Party


I am grateful for the Montgomery County Tea Party's support of my campaign. I was awarded the highest score from the Vetting Committee. Thank you.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner SID MILLER


Thank you, Sid Miller, for your endorsement of my campaign. It means a lot to me to have your steadfast support and trust in me.

MOCO Tea Party Voter's Guide


You can bring this Voter's Guide into the voting booth. Thank you  for your votes.

C.O.P.S. (Coalition of Police and Sheriffs)

A huge thank you to C.O.P.S. for their endorsement and trust in my campaign.

A huge thank you to C.O.P.S. for the endorsement. Your support means a lot to me and my campaign.

Thank you for your support!

-Karen Zeller, Precinct Chair 12

-Walter West, Precinct Chair 16

-Robin Dupuy, Precinct Chair 22

-Phill Cady, Precinct Chair 25

-Paul Crowson, Precinct Chair 36

-Reagan Reed, Precinct Chair 50

-Tim Hayes, Precinct Chair 53

-Ashley Burke, Precinct Chair 57

-Adrian Kaiser, Precinct Chair 66

-Ross Woods, Precinct Chair 93

-Don McCall, Southside Police Chief

-Ricky Hancock, Asst. Chief of Huffman Fire Dept.

-Phillip Chatham, Community Leader 

-Eli Rivera, Police Officer

-Paul Cassidy, Police Officer

-Jimmy Cox, former Police Officer

-John Lawless, former Police Officer

-Wayne Tullos, Tullos Auto Service

-Jimmy Alderson, supporter

-April Veith, supporter

-Tammy Gunnels, supporter

-John Franklin, supporter

-John Smith, supporter

-Krista Erwin Jenkins, supporter

-Vicki Mertes Thornton, supporter

-Becky Stuckey, supporter

-Lorraine Andrews, supporter

-Scarlet Hoffman, supporter

-Crystal Dillard, supporter

....And many more